SSK's Scrapboard

A gallery of Pokemon, commishes, and things.

But mostly Pokemon.

This is just a place where I'll post/reblog all of my artistic stuff, whether finished works, WIPs, sketches, and other junk. :D Feel free to look around!
Most of the stuff you'll find here is artwork relating to Pokemon, Kirby, my characters (original or non), and a bunch of other stuff I like such as video game fanart and all that junk.

yes yes yes finally this commission is over |D;;

Part 3/3 of siamese-mewtwo's commission, this time her bunny character/persona. I didn't catch the name, but ah she was a welcome break from Pokemon portraits. Plus she's cute and was fun to draw, so… hoo yeah I hope ya like it |D;

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some online math homework to do. Ugh, math.