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This is just a place where I'll post/reblog all of my artistic stuff, whether finished works, WIPs, sketches, and other junk. :D Feel free to look around!
Most of the stuff you'll find here is artwork relating to Pokemon, Kirby, my characters (original or non), and a bunch of other stuff I like such as video game fanart and all that junk.

Hoo okie doke, here’s part 1/2 of Majin-k's commission; some portraits for his adorable li'l Mawile, Dot!

I must say this is the first time I’ve drawn Mawile. Like, EVER. So I do apologize if this looks wonky in some areas D:

… and I realized she doesn’t have as many teeth as she does in the ref you provided aaahhhh I’m sorry! I can go back and add more later if you want?? D:;; I just hope the reactions look good and are fitting for her aha …

regardless, despite the flaws/missing details, um, hope you like, dude! ^^;

I’ll work on Bryon some other day…